Week Sixty Four – If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

So over the Christmas break, I had the retail side of my kitchen closed. This freed up much of my time to get out there and start drumming up new business, get some much-needed paperwork done and generally catch up on the little things like actually cleaning my house and not just hiding the dirt under the rug!

There was one day last week when I walked in my front door (which leads straight in to the kitchen funnily enough) and I stopped dead in my tracks.

Whose “bleepin'” house was this? There were dirty dishes piled in the sink, the clothes basket was chock-a-block, my bathroom looked like a swamp and there was a fine layer of dust on almost every surface (except the desk where I spend a majority of my time when I am actually home).

I was completely disgusted with myself and had a firm word. Not good enough me girl!

Funnily enough, although I am cleaning all day every day at the shop, I actually enjoyed my little spring clean session at home! And I felt so good afterwards.

The next day I felt reinvigorated and charged up and down the northern beaches, handing out luscious lamington samples left, right and centre! I was on fire!

In the past six months, the one thing that I have not yet learned to come to grips with is the “knock-back”. I mean, no one likes to hear the word NO. But it is so hard not to take it personally! Still – I think I will be like that until I die!

Nuts About Caramel The other thing that having the shop closed allowed me to do was to do more experiments! And I do love a good experiment. When I flung open the doors this past Friday I had three new flavours for the world and one coming through the pipeline!

As it turns out, this summer has been a bit of a scorcher! Last Tuesday for example – it was already 24 degrees at 4am, when I got to the kitchen and the BOM was predicting temperatures of high thirties and up! Not having many wholesale orders to produce, I got stuck into it and raced through what I needed to prep. Luckily for me by 10am, I was sitting in air-conditioned comfort (my car) headed to the local Asian grocery store for some supplies, as the mercury was pushing 37 degrees.

Just on eleven years ago, I had a tumour in my thyroid, which I had surgery to remove (a hemi-thyroidectomy) leaving me with only half a functioning thyroid. Not sure if you know what your thyroid does, but one of the main things is regulating body temperature. Needless to say, I have lots of trouble! Hot in the kitchen. Hot outside the kitchen. Getting into a large body of water is the only way I can cool off!’

In my last job, I overheated one day and it was so bad that I nearly passed out lurching over my boss’s desk!

Mental note to self…don’t overheat!

So, with a maximum temperature of 38 degrees being reached in Brookvale, I blame that for what happened next (well – I have to blame something!).

I called out for help. Very unlike me, as you would have seen in my last blog. I reached out to all my 187 friends on Facebook and asked them to tell just one friend about LusciousKiki Cakes.

I absolutely love what I do and right now, I am running so very close to the wire. Scarily so. It frightens me as I have always had some financial security but currently it is dwindling…BUT the response I received was overwhelming.

Even when I look at that word overwhelming, it doesn’t seem enough. I am truly blessed to have the support I do!

Revitalised by my friends responses, phone calls, Tweets and texts, I had a cracker week! I even managed to create some more yum-yum experiments, which caused me to have such a sugar rush, that my head was spinning!Wheel of the Wagon

I also learned a very valuable lesson during the past couple of weeks – one that I will be eternally grateful for (she says casting her eyes skywards). I am loved. I am lucky. I have family. I have friends – good friends. I might not have any money – but it’s just money.


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  1. Lis · January 15, 2013

    You are blessed and awesome and talented, me can;t wait for a taste of the wheel!

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