Week One Hundred And Eighteen – The Fairy Godmother and the Kindness of Strangers

Since establishing Luscious I have been constantly delighted and surprised by the kindness of strangers. Almost 18 months ago, I knew none of the people who I now see almost daily, if not weekly. And…well – I am fluxsummoned!

Take my Fairy Godmother as a prime example. I don’t know her, we are not friends. I may very well walk past her on the street and not realise and yet, this lady has sent me so many customers, mostly retail, but also a wholesale customer out of the goodness of her heart. I think I can probably honestly say we have been face to face exactly three times.

Once when she came to the shop and twice when I went to her to say a very heartfelt and grateful thank you (both accompanied by cake)! Both times I extended my sincere thanks she told me categorically that it was not necessary. She just wanted to see me succeed.

How cool is that?

Then there’s the fellas who work in the businesses behind and around my shop in Brookvale. Each and every one of them has been so jolly grand to me, looking out for me, offering to help if needed, loaning ladders & tools on occasion, one of them even bringing me produce that he grows at home!Manly Daily Article 231012

How cool is that?

I have met so many wonderful people who have gone out of their way to support me by returning to the shop time & time again. I am not about to name any names – but you know who you are! More often than not, I now get a cuddle or a kiss on the cheek when they walk through the door. Some even keep me in business, by introducing me to all of their family members!

How cool is that?

As I mentioned, almost 18 months has gone by since I began this adventure in cake. I now have varying numbers of wholesale customers which keeps me pretty busy most of the time & the retail side of things has just grown exponentially due to unbelievable support from the Manly Daily, the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food section & GoodFood.com.au!

Then there is the side of public relations that most Marketing Managers would give their left arm for – positive & consistent word of mouth referrals. There is a young lady who has her business just up the road from Luscious & she is a constant source of customers for me, so much so that I never charge her for anything anytime she visits! Her Christmas card this year read…”the bearer of this card is entitled to a massive bear hug, a large coffee & the yum-yum of their choice on their next visit“!Strawberry Shortcake_01_2

There is a lady on Twitter, who I have never met face to face & yet, I love her. She has never come to the shop, but has visited a couple of my wholesale customers. She consistently re-Tweets my posts, makes comments & gives great feedback. All of which have led to an increase of likes on Twitter & feet through the door of Luscious!

I feel like I have come so very far in the last 10 months alone. I am finally at a point where I have all the systems in place for what I need to do. I have my routine. I have FINALLY found some really top-notch suppliers who are supportive & generous with their time. This is the time to take the next step – staff!

Scares the bloomin’ hell out of me, mainly because of all the other things that go along with – like workers compensation insurance, training, confidentiality agreements, vehicle insurance, first aid, more training & a division of my attention & time from Luscious.

But in order to grow, I can’t do it on my own any more. I have just “survived” my second Australia Day long weekend & if I did not have the assistance of my Father (bless his pink cotton polo shirt) I would have been a quivering pile of bones on the floor!

It’s not just the baking & creating. Its deliveries & lawn mowing & detail cleaning & pest control, gardening, paperwork,tax…not to mention trying to increase wholesales & retail sales! I am currently working seven days a week & if I did not take 7 days off over the Christmas break, I would have only have had three days off out of the 365 days in 2013!

Blueberry CakeDo I work all the time? Yes.

Do I get much sleep? No.

Do I love it? Absolutely!

I now can’t imagine doing anything else with my life & if I am completely honest with myself (& you) I am beginning to enjoy the notoriety that goes along with what I do. Being called Sydney’s lamington Queen was a real high point in the last year! Seeing Coles & Woolworth’s add more lamingtons products all of a sudden translates to I must be doing something right. Recently, I was stopped at my local shops by a lady who had spotted my lamington necklace (that Penny made for me) & she point-blank asked me if I was Kiki of Luscious? I swear I blushed from head to toe as she ranted about how divine my lammos are! Love it!

How cool is that?

PS: I apologise for the time-lapse between posts – there are just never enough hours in the day!



  1. Manu · January 27, 2014

    We knew it from the start … Good luck with your next step! Take care Kiki !

  2. Elaine Mawhinney · January 27, 2014

    Wonderful blog Kiki! They say that if we aren’t scared stiff by what we’re doing, then we’re not thinking big enough. Well done You!! A caring heart such as you have attracts other caring hearts. Yes, it surprises you – but it’s not really surprising. Blessings for 2014.

  3. Janet Davidson · January 28, 2014

    Sooo excited to read your blog this morning. I have missed reading about everything you have achieved. I told you all your hard work would pay off. Keep up the good work. Your blog is proof positive that if you belive in yourself good things can happen. Once again well done. I look forward o reading about your ‘staff’. Take care

    • Luscious Kiki Cakes · January 28, 2014

      Thanks Janet! I am glad you enjoyed the read. And I apologise for not writing sooner – there really are never enough hours in the day!

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